With restaurant dotted all over the globe, Celebrity TV chef and Sicilian native, Enzo Oliveri brings the very best of Sicily to London.

Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen, takes you on a tour of Sicily’s baroque towns, sun-tanned beaches, and volcanic soil that produces food so rich it always tastes like that first bite. The stunning artisanal decorations from Sicily decorate the space that recounts the cultural heritage of the island. From Sicilian cartwheels – famous for powering the carts that carried produce, food and wine to our forefathers across the Mediterranean – and staircase tiles that are made from hand decorated Etna stone, Caltagirone style.

Chef Enzo is proud to say that Sicilian food is the pinnacle of authentic Italian cuisine that’s as healthy as it is tasty, he imports only the best ingredients from small, independent producers in the Italian city. By choosing foods specifically sourced for their flavourful culture significance, Chef Enzo assembles traditional recipes spiced with a contemporary flavour that captures centuries of history.
Enzo says, “Authentic Italian cuisine is regional. I was born on the beautiful island of Sicily and since I was a boy I have had a passion for food. Every family in Sicily has its own recipes for making special dishes. In our restaurant, we follow the ancient cookery. Regional recipes inspire all our menus which include SlowFood products from Sicily and recipes described in ‘Inspector Montalbano’. 

The family-run business remains loyal to its Italian roots to give you a truly authentic Sicilian experience right in the heart of London. 
Favourites on the Enzo’s Kitchen menu include pasta with Bronte pistachio pesto, Busiate with fresh Trapanese pesto and tempting desserts such as the Sicilian Cannoli with ricotta cheese, semifreddo alle mandorle (almonds) or a selection of Sicilian cheeses with handmade jam.

Celebrity Chef Enzo Oliveri
Chef Enzo Oliveri’s talents extend beyond the realms of just cooking great food. He is also a passionate promoter of the Mediterranean diet renowned for being the healthiest on the planet and has travelled as far away as India as an ambassador and where he was also a judge and mentor at the 2016 Young Chef Olympiad. For the past five years, he’s been honing his skills as a sports nutritionist, working with the Italian National cycling team which he will continue to support every year.
Oliveri’s passion for cooking began at the tender age of six after he observed pastry chefs at work in his native Sicily. He is regularly called upon by the Italian government, the Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute to help in promoting Italian food and healthy living through exhibitions, cooking shows, master classes, gala dinners and banquettes.
Oliveri has spent the last 20 years in London, successfully weathering the 2008 recession and making a name for himself by opening a series of restaurants as well as a cookery school in Bromley of which he remains patron chef.


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